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In which she is healing
New Zealand zebra, NZ
The neat thing about healing from a significant injury is that pretty much every day you gain awesome new superpowers. You just wake up in the morning and bam! you're Steps Into Underwear Without Leaning On Dresser Woman!

Other recently acquired superpowers:
  • walking downstairs with only one foot per step

  • walking without a walking stick (thank goodness: I was turning into Quasimodo with the strain it put on my shoulder)

  • standing on one foot for, like, six seconds almost

  • bending my foot when walking so some of the weight goes on the toes (but not too much because there's still more bruise-matter than muscle around there) thus reducing my limp

  • running for several metres to catch the bus

  • and as of today, getting into and out of my sturdy ankle-boot without completely unlacing it, using a shoehorn, and/or feeling any discomfort at all

There's this lovely moment in a recent Once Upon a Time episode where Gold has been stuck outside Storybrooke without magic and (I don't think this is really a spoiler, it was always narratively inevitable) he finagles a way back. And as, limping with his cane, he crosses the border, he just straightens into an easy stride and flings his cane off into the bushes by the road. So much empathy with the black-hearted villain in that moment: it's a wonderful feeling.

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I'm glad to hear that you are healing. You are in my thoughts, even though I comment rarely.

Very glad to hear your superpowers are returning. Watch the cane-shoulder. I have had trouble with mine ever since the sprained knee in 2009.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

A few days after ER was born (I should really, y'know, make an LJ post about this baby that seems to have turned up) I wound up commenting to other people who live here, "Achievement unlocked: going to pee by myself like a big girl."

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