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In which Twitter moves her cheese
Stressed, stress and confusion
So I'm back in Christchurch and it's 1:30am and the cat is making it hard to type she's so busy marking me with her scent and I just want to say "I'm home!" on Twitter and also follow someone back before the notification disappears in the depths of my inbox. But

a) Tweetdeck is acting up, and
b) is telling me to download apps. I have an app, it's not working, therefore I want to login on the website but there's no login button and it's 1:30am and I DO NOT UNDERSTAND!

...Oh, apparently logging in on the website counts as "other devices". I. Just.

Whatever, Twitter. Whatever.

Handy tip: at least if you present as a harmless white female and it's midnight and the line at customs is somewhat long, if you declare some technically declarable but really super harmless product like dried ginger, they then wave you right past the x-ray machines that would require you to take your laptop out again from the bag whose zip is a nuisance to close when you have to put it back in.

(Though I've actually now mostly got the hang of the precise angle at which to hold the zip, the bag, myself, my tongue, etc in order to make it work.)

And so to bed.

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They make you take your laptop out before putting your bag through the biosecurity x-ray? I didn't realise that, but I guess it could stop them seeing stuff under it.

I think so? I didn't go through it this time, obviously, but I'm pretty sure coming in to Australia they did. They definitely do for the general "Oh noes, what if someone takes a pair of nail clippers onto the plane?" security theatre and the principle would seem the same.

(Sekrit: I accidentally took a pair of nail clippers onto the plane. Either no-one noticed or no-one cared.)

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