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That seems like a really-weird way to provide WiFi -- unless they are trying to discourage guests from staying more than one night.

It's even weirder that they don't tell you what the rules are.

Honestly it's pretty unusual for hotels to provide *any* free wifi. And technically they do tell you the rules, they just don't... disambiguate, I guess. It was probably intuitive to them so they assumed everyone would get it. I'm more annoyed that the rule that was intuitive to them is just stupid.

The last few times I checked into a hotel, we were given a password to the net with the keys to the room. Could be different customs on different continents, or it could be because we stay at the sort of hotel that is built near an off-ramp of an interstate. I've several times read an economist's musings as to why it is that expensive hotels charge extra for access and cheap hotels don't. (His best guess, the last time I noticed, was discriminatory pricing; if it's still going on, that pretty much rules out the theory that the Ritzplush put in WiFi first and hasn't updated.)

Yeah, I mostly only stay at hotels when going to conferences so they're in the "We can get away with this" side of things. Possibly Australia/New Zealand is lagging behind a little too.

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