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In which she finds a new trick to pill the cat
cat, hugs
Boots is on a hypoallergenic diet because we can't figure out why she's sick and protein allergies was an early hypothesis. Might have helped, might not, who can tell. Cats.

She's also on pills to help with blood pressure, which definitely do work. But heretofore the only consistently reliable way I've found to get them in her and keep them there is to crush them up in tinned food.

And my hypoallergenic tinned food supplier is running late and I've run out and she needs her pills so I'm casting my eyes desperately around the kitchen thinking about all the foods that'd work really well if she wasn't maybe allergic to them, and suddenly I remember:

Frozen peas.

Boots adores frozen peas. I don't know why. I know why I like them, but I'm not a cat.

And it turns out that if you cut carefully into a frozen pea, you can pry a quarter-pill into it and Boots will nom it down without hesitation or regret. (I gave her an additional unadulterated one as a treat afterwards as prophylactic against second thoughts but I'm not sure it was strictly necessary.)

This changes everything. Also resolves one more anxiety about being about to abandon her for ten days with a (most capable) catsitter while I'm at conferences in Melbourne. Even if the tinned food doesn't arrive in time I can prepare a dozen pea-pills before I leave and leave them in the freezer for easy dispensation.

(I really should pack for that, I guess.)

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