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In which she's going to Melbourne
New Zealand zebra, NZ
I'm kind of hoping the heat wave will break first. Either way though I'll be flying in on the evening of Wednesday 29th and flying out on the evening of Friday 7th February.

This is a work trip so most of my time will be taken up with two site visits to libraries followed by four conferences on four different subjects. But the weekend (1st/2nd) should be my own and I probably won't be spending *every* evening at vendor cocktail parties. (Actually I usually avoid vendor things unless they include food more substantial than hors d'oeuvres because by that time of day I'm starving and my feet hurt. But there are some where attendance will be politically preferable.)

So does anyone I know live in Melbourne and want to catch up? Or does anyone have any recommendations for Must Visit places?

(Also does Melbourne have mosquitoes? I've heard it doesn't but what I really need to know is does it have mosquitoes this summer. Because traditionally Christchurch doesn't have mosquitoes either, And Yet.)

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I'll just miss you! I'll be there next week. Yes, mosquitoes around, although not as bad as further north. For me, Melbourne is about the people rather than the things: hop on a tram and check out Fitzroy St, St Kilda; Brunswick St, Fitzroy; Sydney Road, Brunswick; Lygon St, Carlton; Bridge Road in Richmond. And all the little laneways around the CBD.

Ah, bad timing! Thanks for the tips, have heard good things about the tram system so will have to do some exploring.

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