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I don't always do my nails but when I do I do them with violets
New Zealand zebra, NZ
Okay, I never do my nails, but I'd been pressing violets for crafts and had a whole lot left over and they were just the right size:

So I 'glued' them on with a layer of clear polish (I considered dark green but clear is all I have and in the last fifteen years I've only used it for crafts and the back of my corroded watch strap that I'm allergic to):

And then I covered them with another layer of clear polish, which brought out the colour that had faded a little in two days of pressing:

And then I did the other hand, and who invented handedness anyway? So awkward. And managed to find sufficient settings on my camera for a fingernail selfie:

Probably it really needs a third layer of polish, but I was lazy and also had a bus to catch.

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That's amazing.

Are those dog-tooth violets?

Er, I don't know, one started growing in my garden a few years ago and since then I've encouraged their self-seeding tendencies and now lots of them are growing, but none has ever entrusted me with its name. :-(

(IOW, "Argh, there are different kinds of violets?" <googles and browses Wikipedia> No, looks like viola tricolor / heartsease.)

That. Is utterly cool.

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