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Sounds as if travel anywhere, and your lovely city, are wasted on him.

Yeah, he mentioned something about there not being much in Auckland either. Which, okay, I'm no fan of Auckland. But if you can't find much there, then you're looking for the wrong things.

NY tidied up after the Twin Towers? As of about ten years after the destruction, they still couldn't agree on what to build there.

I guess he meant that you could go to Manhattan and find something to do? Or maybe he was just full of it. Better than even odds really.

One of my great joys in travelling is talking to local people and finding out about how they live, and how they view the place that I'm only visiting. Not necessarily for spectacles or secrets, but just for life and how people live it.
Your conversation would have been a genuine treasure to someone like me who came from somewhere else, I think.

Wow. I guess we can only hope something got through in the end.

While I was on a small-group backpacker-style tour of the southernmost bits of the Greek mainland, we had a older Brit couple included. They complained and moaned, and generally didn't seem to like being out and about. They had travelled widely however, and the rest of us wondered why they travelled so much as they didn't seem to like it? Other than them, it was one of the best trips I've been on!
All the other Brits I've met while they have been travelling have been fine.

Sounds like you did a really good job of explaining Christchurch to him. Whether he did a good job of listening is another matter, of course...

Hope you're uploading your photos to Kete so we get them in CEISMIC ;-)

As a librarian I approve of CEISMIC, as a lazy person I haven't done anything about it.... I do now have what photos I have on Flickr tagged #eqnz and licensed CC-BY, so they are there for the taking - do you know if they're harvesting such places?

We're not automatically harvesting from Flickr, but if you want to throw them on a USB stick we can ingest them into QuakeStudies if that's easier for you than putting them in Kete yourself. Means we'd have to get you to sign a Deed of Gift though - UC's lawyers say even though they're CC we have to have the proper paperwork...

UC's lawyers are nincompoops; the Creative Commons licence *is* the proper paperwork. Even the frickin' government uses CC, ffs.

Kete's probably easier than USB; I'll put it on my Round Tuit list.

Yes, well the less said about UC's lawyers the better...

We like to direct people to Kete wherever possible - as well as being less work for us (always a bonus!), CCL get a bit territorial if we start grabbing too much content from the community, which is more their remit than ours.

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