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I wondered that about the teacher training too - especially as she'd presumably have difficulty producing things like a birth certificate or National Insurance number, making passing the police checks part kind of difficult. Maybe the Doctor faked all the paperwork for her, including qualifications?...

Hm - not sure if I've missed key episodes - I thought this version of Clara (ie not the Dalek version or the governess version) was Yet Another Ordinary 21st Century Girl, and would therefore have all the requisite paperwork.

It's more likely I'm misremembering - I was never entirely clear on how all the various incarnations of Clara fitted together, so I was just assuming 21st Century Clara was the same person as Governess Clara but transported into the future. I really must go and re-watch that series sometime - I obviously wasn't paying attention.

I'm ignoring most of this because I'm enjoying my squee despite some issues I have with it, but ... Rory's nursing.

In my head he's two year's older than Amy and that scene of them in a class together in Let's Kill Hitler is just because the school has composite classes for some subjects and/or students. In Leadworth I imagine the schools aren't that big so having several years in one class wouldn't necessarily be a stretch. Then again, I'm used to this as all classes at my kids' school are two years together, so that's how I deal with that :D

That retrofit would work, except for messing up my carefully crafted fanfic, therefore I refuse to believe it. :-)

(Actually even my own primary school, which was 500-600 students, had some composite classes; I was in at least one myself, had just forgotten about them until now.)

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