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That first article is unbelievable! I started reading it with some sympathy for the writer, given the obvious culture shock involved in moving from New York to Christchurch, but I lost my sympathy as she just got whinier and whinier and was obviously determined not to find anything to like here. And then she caps it off with such an insensitive mention of the earthquakes - I totally agree with Karen's assessment.

I never really thought of myself as "belonging" in Christchurch until the earthquakes - it was just the city where I lived, pleasant but nothing special. But since 2010/11 I've found a deep love for this city and the amazing people who find such a well of creativity among the rubble. I'm proud to be a Cantabrian now.

After living overseas for a couple of years I came back knowing Christchurch was Home; but the earthquakes and the us-ness of our shared experience of them has definitely changed the feeling of that, making it deeper and more visceral.

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