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In which a bunch of things make a post
New Zealand zebra, NZ
  • The Lizzie Bennet Diaries today has ALL THE FEELS, omg. I'm going to have to mop my face before I head off to work.
  • Criminal Minds and White Collar are very much going downhill; Elementary isn't bad; Once Upon a Time is currently the best thing on. Around town there are billboards dubbing it "Damsels in Charge" which is exactly what I love about it, and portraying Emma in leather armour that actually covers her entire torso even if it does leave her upper arms worryingly bare.
  • The neighbour has finally scythed mowed their lawn jungle. Hopefully this will reduce the number of biddybids I have to pick out of Boots' fur with sneak attacks.
  • Being an adult means when you run out of milk you can melt some icecream onto your cereal for breakfast instead.
  • Freezing cheese totally (and totally predictably) borks its structural integrity.
  • My plums are almost finished; grapes and peaches seem to be coming along nicely.
  • I've been making lots of curtains and doing lots of baking while watching lots of West Wing. I think it's a phase? Also doing bits of coding and fanfic and other writing and adding to my "Awesome projects it'd be fun to do if I had infinite time and parallel selves" list.

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I freeze cheese all the time. Most of the cheese I freeze slices poorly afterwards, but lately the monterey jeck I've been getting has a better texture, neater slicing and smoother melting. I don't remember which brand it was (not that it would be relevant where you are). But I use most of my cheese to cook with, so the crumbliness is not an issue for me. It allows me to get my cheese much more affordably, and allows me therefore to get a better grade of cheese, and also since I have to go to the store less, that's all kinds of savings for me. But it's not a really viable solution if you mainly want it to slice it into neat thin slices.

What is a biddybid?

Back when I could buy decent colby only once a year, I would buy an entire horn and butter the cut surface every time I cut off a wheel. It never molded.

Can't say the same for the small pieces of cheese I buy now. Had one block of cheddar mold in an un-opened package, but the bag was loose -- sealing doesn't help if you seal air in with the cheese.

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