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In which she dreams that she's one of Janeway and Garak's 14 lovechildren
New Zealand zebra, NZ
We were all the same age, 11 boys and 3 girls. At a certain point, about seven of us went to live with Garak on Cardassia. One by one he killed us off, but he liked me, believing I took after him. Unfortunately he then learned (by means of a device on my finger(*) that put me into a virtual reality he could control) that my admirable duplicity was in aid of the less pleasing goal of reforming (my pov) / corrupting (his pov) Cardassia. This discovery was a great disappointment to us both, but we handled things in a civilised manner: we sat down to read a book together so that he could reach behind me and stab me in the back. I was a little concerned whether he was sufficiently advised of human anatomy to make it relatively painless, but please note this was not an anxiety dream of any kind: it was a touching father-son moment.

I did wake with a sensation of a tinge in my back, though.

(*) Boots has got rather more matted fur than I thought, so yesterday I started attempting to comb a bit of it out. I got sufficient fur to make a mouse, and a gouge in my finger pad, so I was wearing a bandaid overnight.

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I had a dream last week about how I was about to go on a family holiday to the moon (you know, one of those box-ticking tourist flights that everyone is doing these days), and I was musing on how remarkable it was that both my wife and I had already been to the moon once before. The only trouble was my memories of the first trip were rather vague and mostly just involved the inside of a spacecraft. Then a friend pointed out that maybe I had just been on one of those moon-orbiting tourist flights, and I woke up thinking "How silly! Of course, I haven't actually been to the moon! I've only orbited it..."

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